CAAA Social Pet Therapy Program at a Glance



The Program:   Established in 1986
* CAAA volunteers take their own certified pets to visit individuals at assigned facilities, at least once a month, on a regularly scheduled basis
* Visits last from 1-2 hours " Typically the pet therapy team goes from room to room visiting those wishing to interact with the pet and/or meets with groups of residents in specific areas of the facility
* Additional liability insurance coverage is provided for teams performing CAAA assignments
CAAA Volunteers: Trained through observation visits and mentoring before being assigned to a facility
* Like and interact comfortably with people, especially the elderly
* Dependable and committed to making visits as scheduled
* Comfortable working independently as a volunteer
* Provide evidence of basic liability insurance coverage (standard with homeowners and renters policies)
* Provide annual health and license updates for certified pets
* Maintain a log of completed visits for reporting and statistical purposes
* Abide by the Job description, Code of Conduct, and other rules/regulations of the CAAA Pet Therapy program
The Animals:   Pass a certification test conducted by a CAAA examiner in a facility, before acceptance into the Program
* Licensed and vaccinated, as required
* Friendly, confident and reliable with strangers and crowds and in unfamiliar environments
* Enjoy being touched and being the center of attention
* Non-aggressive, including toward other pets
* Adaptable to strange sounds, equipment (e.g., walkers, wheelchairs) and people with awkward movements
* Bathed, groomed, parasite-free and healthy before each visit
* Have been trained by their owners to be mannerly including:
          - Always under control o walking calmly on lead without pulling
          - Responsive to basic obedience commands (e.g., "sit, leave it")
          - Won't jump on people or "kiss" unless invited
The Facilities:  Adult care and residential facilities located throughout the Phoenix metro area
* Apply to serve as a host site for a CAAA Pet Therapy Team and agree to support assigned teams
* Sign a waiver of liability and indemnity agreement with CAAA
* Provide an orientation tour and an employee to accompany new teams to facilitate interactions
with residents, until the new team is sufficiently familiar with the facility and its residents
* Always provide staff who will intercede, should a CAAA volunteer team encounter problems
Companion Animal Association of Arizona, Inc.

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